Tiara is the first internationally patented system

International patent: TR 2003 01205. First warranty certificate approved by Ministry of industry.

Aluminium profile and stainless steel mechanical parts

All parts produced in Turkey on own factory. High quality stainless steel and aluminum. Not exposed to corrosion and temperature differences.

Additional magnetic locks between sections for better insulation. Brushes on top and bottom parts of glass housing protecting mechanical parts from dust and dirt.

Section width up to 80 centimeters. 90 degree rotation and 1 layer folding makes Tiara system perfect for any shape of balcony.

Reliable components

8 specially developed rolls are used in Tiara 8 and Tiara 10 systems. Mounted at top and bottom parts of glass housing they making window section moving with comfort without stuck and noise.

Stainless bearings will serve many years.

With 10 mm glass section height can reach 3 meters! All balcony glass for Tiara system is tempered and laminated. And you can also choose color: transparent, green, blue, brown, gray or black.

For best insulation DOUBLEGLASS can be used in Tiara 10 balcony glazing system.

Safety first

  • “Auto brake lock” – original locking mechanism developed by Albert Genau R&D department providing new level of safety. Your panel newer fall of during closing or opening.
  • Glass fixed in housing by 4 pins it will always stay inside.
  • Lock automatically blocking panels after they reach parking area.
  • Patented safety lock protect your balcony. Windows can not be opened from outside. Child lock protect from accidental opening by kids or old people.

Easy cleaning

Hidden water drainage system keeps all water outside. Drainage channel made on top of profile it effectively collecting condensate and water drops.

Windows are opening inside and folding to 1 section. 90 degrees rotation makes cleaning easy from onside and outside.

Glass housing always stays clean because of brushes on top and bottom parts.

Lifetime warranty

ALP is the only certified representative of Albert Genau in Alanya.

We providing lifetime warranty for all parts of Tiara  systems and free service for all balconies glazed by Albert Genau.

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