16 May 2016
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Tiara Twinmax first doubleglass system in Alanya

Planning to glaze balcony in Alanya? Here is 4 important things you need to know.

  1. Floor
  2. Side (e.g. North or South-East)
  3. The height of the balcony
  4. How do you planning to use the balcony


Choosing the panoramic glazing, you need to pay attention to the floor of the building. For lower floors ordinary or tempered glass 8mm thickness may be used. After 3rd floor it is recommended to use only tempered glass 8mm or even 10mm thickness. Tempered glass has high strength and resistance to wind. It can withstand high wind load and even in a storm, inside your balcony will be calm and dry.

Side (NEWS)

You can choose your type of glass for each direction. For example, if the windows are “looking” to the South, tinted or colored glass can be used. This will reduce the temperature inside apartments during hot days. For the North side transparent or “green” glass will be a good choice. It allows to pass as much sunlight as possible inside balcony. East and West side makes it possible to use mixed types of glass.

Height of the balcony

Every glass has height limit for installation and it must be considered before choosing right type for your balcony. 8 mm thickness glass, height limit is 2.25 m. 10 mm thickness tempered glass can be used for the balconies of 2.5 meters, and doubleglass system is a best solution for balconies up to 3 meters height.

How you planning to use the balcony

If you plan to use the balcony as an additional living room all year long, Tiara Twinmax will be a great choice.

For a temporary stay or use, the balcony as the room during summertime 10 mm or 8 mm glass with Tiara housing can be installed.

There are many factors influencing at your choice of balcony glazing, but remember – safety and reliability are first!

We offer a unique opportunity to try out balcony glazing systems before you decide to buy! Visit our office or sign up for a free presentation, which takes place every Tuesday at the company’s office.

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