Reliable and functional plastic windows & balcony glazing system Selenit 75

Selenit system developed on highest level of energy saving. 75 mm housing, 6 cells, 3rd additional gasket.

New quality standard for PVC windows and balcony glass.


Selenit 75 designed with accordance of high demands for wind load resistance. It makes possible to use this glazing system at high floors and with wide size of glass.

Grillage profile can hold heavy wind and provide maximum safety.

The high endurance values of the Selenit system passed the 3.000 Pa (245 km/h) safety test successfully and was categorized in class C3 in regard to wind load resistance.


3 gasket system added to the system. It helps achieve better results in water isolation and air permeability.

Special channels were made inside profile for water drainage. All rainwater stays outdoors. The system did not leak any water inside and proved its high quality while under tests carried out with 600 Pa (110 km/h) wind load and 4 liters of rainwater per minute.

With this innovations we reach нigh level of energy saving for PVC windows. With better insulation You will pay less for heating and cooling.

Sound insulation

It will be much quietly inside your apartments with Selenit 75 system.

Sound insulation level is up to 43 dB! It makes possible to install this glazing system in environments such as airports, railroads, etc. where sound levels are very high.

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One of the most important questions for PVC windows is warranty period.

Our company providing full warranty for  construction elements of balcony and window glazing

10 years

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