27 Jun 2016
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glazing villa in Alanya

A great advantage of villa is large and comfortable terrace.

You can use a terrace as an additional living space or dining room, working cabinet, game room. To do this you will need to use full height glazing system.

panoramic glazing for balcony villa terrace

Summer 2016, our technical service made a control of glazing at one of villas located in Alanya. In spite of the heavy rains in February and March terrace place was warm, comfortable and dry. Glazing system allows to make a terrace waterproof, maintains room temperature in a cool time of year makes possible to protect a furniture on balcony from moisture.

dining room with Albert Genau glazing system in Alanya

During sunny and warm weather, glass sections can be opened easy and completely folded, which is an important advantage of frameless glazing system – Albert Genau.

The use of balconies and terraces as living rooms, maintaining a comfort zone on the balcony or terrace in a winter, the opportunity to fully open the balcony and terrace in the summer time – a reasonable approach to the issue of glazing.

See how to glaze a balcony or terrace at villa on our photos.

Panoramic glass for terrace overview