Folding glass for balcony - Albert Genau

Panoramic balcony glazing Albert Genau Tiara

iara 10 и Tiara 8 – combination of safety, durability and aesthetics.

Perfect for big balcony. Can be installed on complicated shapes.

Patented lock prevents accidental opening by children and protects from opening outside.

  • Sliding and folding
  • Tempered glass 8 and 10 mm width
  • Maximum section size 800 х 2500 мм
  • 4+4 carriage system

Double glass system Albert Genau Tiara Twinmax

Double glass.

Total width – 28 mm!

Special magnetic lock.

  • Sliding and folding
  • Tempered and polished double glass
  • Maximum section size 800 х 3000 mm
  • 4+4 carriage system

Why you should choose Albert Genau for your balcony?


All Albert Genau systems made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum.

Comfort and safety

Tiara 10 and 8 systems are easy to use and has the patented mounting system.

Energy saving

Perfect insulation let you use cooling and heating units effectively.

Why work with our company?

We are certified representative of Albert Genau in Alanya. Official contract and warranty for all our works.

Single glass work samples

Double glass work samples

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